My name is Clare McSharry. My company is The Acupuncture Zone and I work in Dublin:

The Acupuncture Zone Clinic, Park West, Dublin 12


I also do home visits. A home visit incurs a charge of 15 – 25 euro depending on how far the location is from Park West.

Many people avail of this service for varying reasons. Some people can’t drive so need someone to come out to them. Sometimes, if someone is in a lot of pain, they won’t want to drive to me so it makes sense for me to come to them. Sometimes, people just prefer to be treated in their own ‘safe’ environment, away from what they view as a sterile clinical setting. None of my clincs are cold and impersonal but┬áI understand that people who have not seen my clinics may view acupuncture in this way.

I make an effort to make my clinics relaxed. I burn oils and have the clinics warm. In the Winter my electric blanket on the plinth is a big hit! A warm cosy blanket on the client when the client is resting for half an hour while the needles are doing their work is also a sure winner for me.

I’ve been told that my choise of music is also a positive thing.

I have had various therapies done, both from the alternative and complementary fields and from the regular Western medicial fields. Some were great and some were OK. I like to think of what I’d like to get from a therapist and I do my best to provide this for my clients.

I call the people who attend my clinics, clients. I am not a doctor so I do not refer to them as patients. I think customer is a cold way to describe some one whose is coming to me for a treatment.

I’d be interested in what other acupuncturists call their clients.

I’m also interested in what prospective clients like to get from an acupuncture treatment apart from the┬áneedling of course…..