Stop Smoking using Acupuncture

This week I’m going to write on an acupuncture topic – acupuncture and how it helps people to quit smoking.

Yesterday was stop smoking day. As far as I’m concerned, every day is stop smoking day! It did put the topic in my mind, and this is the reason I decided to use it as my subject this week.

When treating addictions, acupuncturists use auricular (ear) acupuncture points rather than body points.

Acupuncture Dublin ear points

Auricular points for addiction

Ear Acupuncture originated in China in 5000BC and has been developed in the West since the 1970’s. Specific treatment points were identified in America by the National Auricular Detoxification Association (NADA) which alleviated detoxification symptoms and cravings for drugs and alcohol. These points have been found to be very effective for general health and well-being.

Ear Acupuncture is a simple, safe and effective approach. It improves the quality of a person’s health and wellbeing. Results can be achieved within the first session, but regular treatments enhance the beneficial effects.

Small sterile disposable needles are inserted just under the skin surface to stimulate the body to achieve balance and harmony. No diagnosis or differentiation is required or given. The therapist is focused on wellness, while encouraging the mind and body to reach optimum performance.

I am trained in The Detoxification programme from the Yuan College of Auricular Acupuncture. This is the application of a 6 point protocol for detoxification from drugs (including prescription drugs), alcohol, nicotine and internal toxins.

The same points are used for all addictions. Smoking is a very strong addiction and I take it as seriously as any other addiction.


Stop Smoking Sessions

I like to treat the smoker with 2 sessions a week apart before the day they quit. These sessions helps them to focus on the task and adjust their mind to the changes ahead.


I was a smoker myself and I understand the withdrawal process and the feelings and doubts associated with quitting.

I am glad to be a non smoker and I love to help other people to quit too. It’s a great feeling to be free of nicotine.


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