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Acupuncture and Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston and Acupuncture This week I’m going to write on an acupuncture topic – There is a slight twist – it involves a celebrity – Jennifer Aniston.  She was in the news because of cupping marks left on her back. I use cupping in my practice. There is hot cupping, cold cupping and slide [...]

Cillian Murphy and 50 Shades of Grey

This week I’m going to write on a non acupuncture (very non acupuncture!) topic – Cillian Murphy and 50 Shades of Grey   I was sitting back enjoying the sun here in Dublin on this lovely June day and thinking of the topic I’d write on today. I decided to take and break and chanced [...]

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Unusual Medical Treatments – Maggots

Unusual Medical Treatments - Maggots This week I’m going to write on a non acupuncture topic – maggots   Maggots - You may one day depend on this bug to save you from an even greater one. Maggot debridement therapy involves placing disinfected maggots (fly larvae) onto open wounds. The maggots efficiently eat [...]

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The Emotions and Organs in Acupuncture

Today I’m going to write about the emotions in Chinese medicine and how they are responsible for disharmony which leads to disease and illness. In acupuncture, emotions and physical health are connected. Sadness, nervous tension and anger, worry, fear, and overwork are each associated with a particular organ in the body. For example, frustration and [...]

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Unusual Medical Treatments – Leeches

Today I’m going to write about an unusual medical treatment that has nothing to do with acupuncture. I saw a documentary recently where leeches were used in the healing process. I thought it was very interesting that a method used in the past was being used once again by the medical professionals. I thought it [...]

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