Auricular acupuncture points rather than body points are the most effective points for addictions.
Ear Acupuncture originated in China in 5000BC and has been developed in the West since the 1970’s. Specific treatment points were identified in America by the National Auricular Detoxification Association (NADA) which alleviated detoxification symptoms and cravings for drugs and alcohol. These points have been found to be very effective for general health and well-being.


Ear Acupuncture is a simple, safe and effective approach which allows a large number of people to simultaneously receive treatment and improve the quality of their health and wellbeing. Results can be achieved within the first session, but regular treatments enhance the beneficial effects.

Small sterile disposable needles are inserted just under the skin surface to stimulate the body to achieve balance and harmony. No diagnosis or differentiation is required or given. The therapist is focused on wellness, while encouraging the mind and body to reach optimum performance.


Ear Acupuncture is particularly effective for:

* Insomnia
* Mental Health Problems
* Eating Disorders
* Stress Management
* Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal
* Stopping Smoking

Common Benefits of a Treatment:

* Relaxation
* Stress Reduction
* Better Sleep
* Better Digestion
* Improved Self Confidence and Positive Attitude
* Reduced Craving (Substance Misuse)

Ear Acupuncture is ideal for use in a group/workplace setting.
It is a simple, safe and effective therapy in which a large number of people can simultaneously receive treatment and improve the quality of their health and work performance. Amazing results can be achieved within just one session, which can take no more than 20 minutes out of a normal working day. New research has highlighted many potential benefits of Ear Acupuncture for the reduction of stress in the workplace. It helps people to achieve a relaxed, yet focused, state of being, and to maintain this in even the most challenging environments. In addition, people discover profound benefits of clarity of mind and improvement in their moods

Individual Plan
I don’t operate in a group session. Each consultation is with the individual and we draw up our own plan to deal with the particular addiction, be it nicotine, alcohol, codeine or any other addictable substance.


I am trained in The Detoxification programme from the Yuan College of Auricular Acupuncture. This is the application of a 6 point protocol for detoxification from drugs (including prescription drugs), alcohol, nicotione and internal toxins. For more information see:

Please see the packages tab for details of the addiction and stop smoking package and prices.

Beware of Quick Fix Promises!

acupuncture to stop smoking

I do not offer a solution to your addiction in one session. Some people say after one session you will be cured. This is not true. I believe in treating the whole individual and not just one part. In my experience you need an overall tonification treatment before you try to come off any drug. This gets your body and mind prepared for the task ahead.
Once we are happy with this, we can progress to the actual detox points.
I recommend 2 sessions before the actual stop date and 2 after. I think anyone that claims one session is enough or offers any other gimmicks is not being honest. They are using those tactics to lure people in and you’ll end up having a number of sessions anyway. I don’t think it’s a very honest way to do business. I want to get customers in an honest and respectful way. I like to treat others the way I’d like to be treated.

I am a former smoker so I know what a smoker is going through at the time of withdrawal. I am not so bold as to suggest I have any idea how other addicts feels, but I do know how it feels to be reliant on a toxic substance. Our logical mind tells us we shouldn’t be on the drug, but the addictive centres in the brain and our body says no.

I can assure you it feels lousy for a while during withdrawal but the overall result makes you feel great. I feel free again. No more worrying if I have enough cigarettes for the night. No more standing out in the cold smoking while my friends are inside in the pub/house. No more stinky breath and clothes.

Look at the non addicts, you were one of them once. You can be one again.
The feeling when you get a ‘hit’ is the feeling they have all the time.
Think about that.
The only time you’re happy is at the time you get a ‘hit’. After a while the ‘hit’ wears off and your body needs the drug again. Most smokers smoke about once an hour.
In the life of a smoker you are happy about 10 minutes each hour. This is the time it takes to smoke a cigarrette and a few minutes more. It used to take me 7 minutes to smoke a cigarette. I knew how long it took – Isn’t that sad!
After that 10 minutes, your body starts to crave the nicotine again. For about 50 minutes you’re miserable until you get a ‘hit’.
Cigarettes don’t boost your concentration or help you in any way. You’re feeling ‘normal’ when you have a cigarette. This is the feeling non smokers have all the time.That sounds mad but it’s true. The other times, when you’re without your drug, you’re in withdrawal.

The feeling when you get a ‘hit’ is the feeling they (non addicts) have all the time…….

Please take that one line with you, whether you decide to try acupuncture or some other therapy. I’d like you to contact me, but if you don’t, please remember that line and good luck with your journey to freedom from addiction.

Relevant Points in The Ear:

Below is a diagram of an ear showing all the acupuncture points in the ear. The highlighted points are relevant to all addictions including smoking.

auricular acupuncture points