Cupping – Benefits & How it Works

  How Cupping Works Cupping therapies have been the subject of much curiosity, speculation and subsequent research in recent years. Today we have scientific standards of measurement and proof of efficacy available, thereby offering some insight into why cups have been used for overall wellness throughout recorded history. To understand how cupping therapies work, it [...]

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Cupping for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Dynamic Cupping for Neck and Shoulder Pain Dynamic cupping, also known as slide cupping is one of my favorite tools in my practice.Dynamic cupping can be described as the application of an internal glide or an external glide. Internal glide is when the massage client is moving underneath the cupping application. External glide describes the [...]

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Benefits of Cupping for Athletes

Athletes complain of cramps, tense muscles, shin splints and painful motion. There is greater need of blood in these areas and cupping is one of the best ways of addressing this need. Is the lack of hard evidence enough to dismiss the technique of cupping for athletes and place it among numerous tools that offer [...]

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